Bat Flips & Nerds: ROTO 600

We received a request from Baseball Brit to create a league. I wanted it to be called the “Beat Baseball Brit” league but Joey was way too bashful, so we made it a straightforward roto league.

As one of the last leagues to be created, it needed to be low maintenance, so we conducted a 600-player draft and then allowed just one roster move per week.

With a shallow nine-hitter active roster, it was always frustrating to have to bench players like Jorge Mateo, Bryson Stott, and Gunnar Henderson in place of the more established names like Jonathan India, Manny Machado, and Corey Seager. My draft would have been better in a best ball format.

The other disappointment was not being about to play RP-only Michael Kopech as much as I wanted as I had to utilise both RP slots to get saves.


Gerrit Cole, Manny Machado, Liam Hendriks, Corey Seager, Jonathan India, Justin Verlander. With the exception of India, that was a decent first six picks.

My pitching was excellent with my team securing 69 out of a possible 75 points, but the hitting let me down. Dead last in batting average, and despite having Mateo on my roster, 11th out of 15 in stolen bases. Although maybe Mateo was part of the reason for the batting average issues.


Only one participant (ThomasGiantsFan) actually beat Baseball Brit. The duo were way ahead of the rest of the pack, with my roster finishing fifth out of 15.


This was definitely one league too many. Far too often I had injured players in my roster or just failed to pay attention to potential free agent pick-ups or addressing where my team was struggling.

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