Great British Fantasy Baseball Superleague

Want to pit yourself against some of the best fantasy baseball players in Britain? Well, here is your chance.

Format: Multiple interlinked divisions with promotion and relegation.

The winner of the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE is the 2023 champion, but there is also the prestige of winning your division, and we are awarding a trophy for the highest points scorer across all of the divisions.

Every division winner gets promoted to the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE for 2024. Details of other promotions/relegations will be confirmed when the number of divisions is known.

Format: Fantrax – Points (weekly head-to-head)

Teams: 12 teams per division. 23 players per team

Transactions: Re-draft league (no keepers). No trading. Free agent acquisition by FAAB, which runs at midnight every Friday. Weekly lineups lock at first pitch on Saturday.

Draft: Three options are available: slow draft, fast draft, and auction. The current draft dates are Sunday 19 March, Monday 20 March, and Thursday 23 March.

Important: These leagues are specifically for those living in the UK, or Brits living abroad. Our aim is to help grow fantasy baseball in the UK.

Cost: These are free leagues, but we expect to reach the entry limit and operate a waiting list. Please do not apply unless you are prepared to be active and engaged; you don’t have to be good.

MORE INFORMATION TO FOLLOW, but you can contact me on Twitter @GavTramps

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