Great British Fantasy Baseball Superleague: Week 2


Three teams remain unbeaten in the AL Central (Rob Whannel, Michael Garmston. Tom Hotchin), and it was Tom who was the highest scorer in the division with 397 points, just ahead of Matthew Robinson with 389.

Jason Toms was the division’s unluckiest team taking the loss despite 352 points in one of the tightest matchups across all 10 divisions by falling to Rob Whannel by just eight points.


Sometimes you need to double-check your maths, and that is what happened when the spreadsheet spat out a massive 503 points this week by Dan Roach. Dan was aided by Pete Alonso (61 points) at DH and his bonus-scoring El Capitan was Nico Hoerner with 58 points. However, it looks like he has lost 67-point scoring Jeffrey Springs for a while.

Dan’s mammoth tally overshadowed two 400-point scorers: David McLaren 420 and Ed Jefferies 403.

Perhaps the unluckiest person in the entire GBfbs is Dave Nicholson, who scored 394 points but not only lost but remains 0-2.

Four teams are undefeated in the AL East: Dan Roach, Ed Jeffries, British Baseball Federation’s Tom Thornhill, and Mark Varley.


Manc Baseball was the top scorer in the division and the third-highest this week across all 10 divisions with 467 points. Scott MacGregor had another mega week (442 points) and leads the AL North with two wins and 793 points.

Josh Salter scored an impressive 398 points to secure his first win, while there are four 2-0 teams: Scott MacGregor, Chris Jones, Peter Ramsay and Karl Cobane


There were two 400-point scorers in the AL West: Martin Osborne 446 and Steve Jones 400. And Martin is one of three undefeated teams, along with Charles Baldwin and Ian Carter 

The division’s unlucky loser was Chris Deeley, who took the L despite 381 points.


Charlie Deeks blew the rest of the division away with 486 points, the second-highest tally across all 10 divisions this week. Richard Davison with 425 points, and Callum Cockerill 393 points, also enjoyed impressive weeks.

Adam Cockerill was unlucky to take the defeat despite 383 points and joins Charlie and Callum and five other teams on 1-1 in a very tight division that only has two unbeaten teams: Richard Davison and Tom Athene.


Jack Gallagher had a good week with 395 points, but it was Mark Finbow who was the top scorer in the NL East with an impressive 446 points.

This is the most chaotic of the 10 divisions as Mark is the highest overall points scorer, but he is not one of the three 2-0 teams: Ben Jones, Bat Flips & Nerds, and Nick Chang.

Perhaps, the biggest “wow” is that GB Official Artist Andy Brown is 0-2 despite scoring just two points fewer than 2-0 Nick Chang.


There were no 400-point scorers in the NL North, but Phil Stone (392) and Shaun Barrett (391) were the best of the division and are two of the three undefeated teams (along with Troy Hutchinson). The least lucky was John Loftus, who scored 362 points but took the loss.


The most unfortunate team in GBfbs this week was the Bat Flips & Nerds team, who scored a staggering 418 points but fell to the mighty James Thorpe with 432. BaseballSoftballUK’s Chris Knoblock scored 384 and is one of five 2-0 teams along with James Thorpe, Luke Kendrick, Tom Lock and Rob Kermode.


Once again, the Basement Division belied its name with two 400-point scorers: Euan Leith 456 and Mal Bamford 414. Both teams are undefeated this year, along with Patrick Davenport.

The most unlucky in the division was Ash Smith whose 372 points were insufficient to take the win.  


Three teams broke the 400-point mark with Darius Austin (Baseball Prospectus) 433 points leading the way. David Runciman 427 and Ryan Owen (RotoBrits) 410 enjoyed their second straight mega-scoring week.

Jamie Steed (Rotoballer) with 388 points, was unlucky to come away with an L.

David Runciman and Gav (that’s me) are the only unbeaten teams in the Champions League which looks like it will be as tight and competitive as we hoped when we created this competition.


You need a fair amount of good fortune to succeed in this head-to-head format. The teams with the least amount of good fortune are the five teams who have come up against opponents scoring over 800 points.

CHAMPIONS LEAGUETracey (Birds with Balls)582826.5
AL NORTHRyan Ferguson586813
AL NORTHAndy Moore662.5810
NL WESTBat Flips & Nerds690.5809.5
AL EASTTim Bowman559800.5


Eight teams have scored at least 800 points; feels like a very Tampa Bay Rayseque start to the season.

Richard DavisonNL CENTRAL864764
Euan LeithBASEMENT837710
Shaun BarrettNL NORTH831626
Martin OsborneAL WEST823712
David RuncimanCHAMPIONS LEAGUE821551
Dan RoachAL EAST807559
Charlie DeeksNL CENTRAL807693
Ryan Owen (RotoBrits)CHAMPIONS LEAGUE800785
Mark FinbowNL EAST798694
Gav (Deep League Roto)CHAMPIONS LEAGUE796723
Scott MacGregorAL NORTH793573
Callum CockerillNL CENTRAL773736
Manc BaseballAL NORTH771645
Gareth NealeBASEMENT758753
Luke KendrickNL WEST752617
Adam CockerillNL CENTRAL751720
James ThorpeNL WEST749722
Ed JefferiesAL EAST745595
Mal BamfordBASEMENT745583
Jamie Steed (Rotoballer)CHAMPIONS LEAGUE744751
Rob WhannelAL CENTRAL738657
Ben JonesNL EAST737621
Ash SmithBASEMENT737681
Chris DeeleyAL WEST733692
Chris JonesAL NORTH729606
Charles BaldwinAL WEST727671
BaseballSoftballUK (Chris)NL WEST718614
Peter RamsayAL NORTH718609
British Baseball Federation (Tom)AL EAST716618
Tom LockNL WEST713658
Tom AtheneNL CENTRAL713598
Phil StoneNL NORTH711613
James PoppletonNL EAST710724
Matthew RobinsonAL CENTRAL707673
Michael GarmstonAL CENTRAL707658
David McLarenAL EAST703723
Bat Flips & NerdsAL NORTH699703
Jason TomsAL CENTRAL699675
Dave NicholsonAL EAST698761
Bat Flips & NerdsAL EAST698729
Steve JonesAL WEST698661
Bat Flips & NerdsNL CENTRAL698671
Darius Austin (Baseball Prospectus)CHAMPIONS LEAGUE695639
Jack WainAL CENTRAL694636
Rob KermodeNL WEST693649
Bat Flips & NerdsNL WEST691810
Troy HutchinsonNL NORTH690627
Karl CobaneAL NORTH690586
Adam NicholsonCHAMPIONS LEAGUE688640
Bat Flips & NerdsNL EAST688616
Callum FranklinAL CENTRAL687708
Martin WoodNL NORTH686679
Jack GallagherNL EAST680631
Christopher StoneAL WEST677648
Josh SalterAL NORTH676675
Patrick DavenportBASEMENT675610
Russell EassomCHAMPIONS LEAGUE673732
Michael AnnisonAL EAST673635
Scotty BuchananNL CENTRAL672645
Ross BramleyAL NORTH672669
Tom DrakeNL NORTH668657
Harry BrosterAL EAST665647
Nathan LewisBASEMENT663751
Andy MooreAL NORTH663810
Neil LittlewoodNL CENTRAL662750
Bat Flips & NerdsNL NORTH662657
Paul DearnleyAL WEST662743
UK Brew Crew (Mark)NL NORTH662708
Matthew SuttonNL WEST662690
Matthew GreigNL EAST662635
Bat Flips & NerdsBASEMENT661607
Paul DenyerNL WEST661695
British Baseball Podcast (Matt)NL EAST660724
Bat Flips & NerdsAL WEST660616
Tom HotchinAL CENTRAL659564
Steve PardoeAL CENTRAL659681
Bubba on Baseball (Jason)NL EAST656622
Nick Wright (MLB UK Community)CHAMPIONS LEAGUE651723
Ollie ShoreBASEMENT651658
Ian CarterAL WEST649541
Brent BentleyNL CENTRAL647713
Ross ArietaBASEMENT642704
Alex HudsonAL WEST636694
Four Bases (Joel)NL NORTH635636
Jon LansdownBASEMENT634724
Nick Wilson-SmithNL NORTH633635
Tim BrownBASEMENT633672
Daniel MaraNL WEST632676
Bat Flips & NerdsAL CENTRAL628666
Nick ChangNL EAST626551
Steve MerryNL WEST625648
GB Official Artist (Andy Brown)NL EAST624752
Pirates UK (Gareth)AL CENTRAL615669
Lee AtkinsonNL CENTRAL615632
Baseball Brit (Joey)AL EAST614684
Jonny Gould & James HoldenCHAMPIONS LEAGUE613618
East Mids Meetups (Matt)NL NORTH612719
Mark BlakemoreCHAMPIONS LEAGUE612581
Nick HowellAL NORTH609767
John LoftusNL NORTH607698
Paul HepburnAL WEST606674
Kevin OrchardNL CENTRAL604707
Jamie WymanAL CENTRAL601708
Mark VarleyAL EAST599551
Carl TaylorNL CENTRAL591767
Marc CollinsNL EAST590740
Ryan FergusonAL NORTH586813
Jonathan OatleyAL WEST585669
Tracey (Birds with Balls)CHAMPIONS LEAGUE582827
Timothy BurttNL NORTH582725
Ben SalviAL NORTH571720
John EcclesNL WEST570575
Ash DayAL EAST565739
Rob NoverrazCHAMPIONS LEAGUE565672
Daniel WoodrowNL EAST562684
Tim BowmanAL EAST559801
Tim BrownAL WEST547683
David BarnettAL CENTRAL544642
Kevin StimsonNL WEST541653
Alan FordBASEMENT528713

Featured image of Nico Hoerner by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

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