Great British Fantasy Baseball Superleague: Week 3

After Week 3, we have 14 unbeaten teams (out of 120), and there is clear daylight in the overall points scored between Richard Davison on 1420 points and the chasing pack. Six teams impressively broke the 400-point threshold and it was Mark Blakemore in the Champions League who took the honours with the highest weeklyContinue reading “Great British Fantasy Baseball Superleague: Week 3”

Great British Fantasy Baseball Superleague: Basement Division

Don’t despair about the name; it’s only for one season (unless you finish 12th), and remember, the winner of every division – including the BASEMENT DIVISION – also gets promoted to the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE for next season. DRAFT: It is a slow draft which starts at 10:00am on Saturday 18 March. You get one hourContinue reading “Great British Fantasy Baseball Superleague: Basement Division”

Great British Fantasy Baseball Superleague: Divisions

We have the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE and four, five, six, seven, eight divisions. CHAMPIONS LEAGUE For the inaugural 2023 season, entry to the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE is by invitation. The participants include five previous champions from Bat Flips & Nerds leagues, four Top-20 finishers from TGFBI, a Scott White Dynasty League winner, plus more. The draft forContinue reading “Great British Fantasy Baseball Superleague: Divisions”

Great British Fantasy Baseball Superleague

Want to pit yourself against some of the best fantasy baseball players in Britain? Well, here is your chance. Format: Multiple interlinked divisions with promotion and relegation. The winner of the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE is the 2023 champion, but there is also the prestige of winning your division, and we are awarding a trophy for theContinue reading “Great British Fantasy Baseball Superleague”

Scott White Dynasty League: 2023 conundrums

It’s three or four weeks before the 2023 auction, so we need to start looking at our keepers. After a few months without looking at the roster, it wasn’t in as bad shape as I expected. [STOP PRESS: It seems that the trickiest problem is for Scott to find a date suitable for all 24Continue reading “Scott White Dynasty League: 2023 conundrums”


I read a Fangraphs article about a 15-team, 30-player mock draft put together by legendary fantasy baseball expert Tim Mcleod. Coincidentally, we were privileged that Tim joined us live by Zoom from Canada for one of our 2022 pre-TGFBI mock drafts. Anyway, in the Fangraphs piece, the format had a huge twist in that youContinue reading “MLB MEGA DRAFT 2022”

Scott White Dynasty League: The 2022 Season

Some of the teams in the league are so strong, that you almost feel like giving up even before the auction. Inaugural member, Brent S Gambill, has assembled a roster that is nothing less than spectacular. When you consider that his team is called the Acuna-Tatis-Vlad All-Stars and his best player last season was AaronContinue reading “Scott White Dynasty League: The 2022 Season”

January Best Ball 2022

With the slow draft starting on 30 January 2022, this was a very-early-preseason event for us all, and the first attempt at “Best Ball” for many of the participants. The Format 16-team league with points structured to closely replicate roto, so you had to balance power and speed of the hitters, and maximise high-strikeout, low-ratioContinue reading “January Best Ball 2022”