Bat Flips & Nerds Eliminator

The well-known British institution that is Bat Flips & Nerds markets itself with the tagline of “Baseball with a British Twist”, and as such, this league had a twist. FORMAT In 2021, the format was a 16-team draft & hold (40-man roster). The “twist” was that, unlike most deep draft & hold leagues with slowContinue reading “Bat Flips & Nerds Eliminator”

Haters gonna hate, but Adalberto Mondesi can win you your fantasy league

It is possible that there is no player in 2022 drafts who polarizes opinion as much as the Kansas City Royals’ third baseman, Adalberto Mondesi. Last season, whole teams were drafted around the stolen base potential of Mondesi, fueled by mouth-watering projections of… G AB R HR RBI SB AVG 137 531 78 15 63Continue reading “Haters gonna hate, but Adalberto Mondesi can win you your fantasy league”

Scott White Dynasty League: 2022 pre-auction dilemmas

With rebuilding teams getting more competitive, our window of opportunity is closing. A poor start to the 2022 season could see a widescale clearout, but that is something that I have managed to avoid. Although the idea of dumping expensive veterans and grabbing the young, cheap stud prospects is appealing, most of the teams inContinue reading “Scott White Dynasty League: 2022 pre-auction dilemmas”

Exploring the 15 new Designated Hitters

It appears that the introduction of the universal DH is one of the few aspects of the new CBA on which both sides agree. This presents interesting opportunities for the most forward-thinking fantasy baseball players. Mr. Roster Resource, Jason Martinez, has updated the rosters on Fangraphs to include possible DHs. In addition, Mike Axisa ofContinue reading “Exploring the 15 new Designated Hitters”

Don’t overthink drafting Noah Syndergaard

What can I say about former Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard that hasn’t already been said? Firstly, I hate the anglicization of his name. The “gaard” looks and feels Dutch. It should be pronounced with a hard “H” and no final “D.” Sinn-der-Haaar. But apparently, he has distant Danish Viking ancestors. Hence the nickname “Thor,” althoughContinue reading “Don’t overthink drafting Noah Syndergaard”

TGFBI: Gav’s 2021 Review – The Worst Year Ever

Oh wow! In 15-plus years of fantasy baseball, April 2021 was the worst I have ever known. There was a stage when eight of our first 11 picks were out injured. A couple of ambitious FAAB bids (Adolis Garcia) and adept in-season management by my co-manager David Runciman helped salvage the season, but we justContinue reading “TGFBI: Gav’s 2021 Review – The Worst Year Ever”

Scott White Dynasty League: The beginning

The Scott White Dynasty League takes fantasy baseball to a different level. Scott White, Senior Fantasy Writer at CBS, set up this 24-team dynasty in 2013, and without a doubt, it has transformed my enjoyment of the pastime. The league features some of the most respected names in fantasy baseball analysis, including Nando di Fino,Continue reading “Scott White Dynasty League: The beginning”