Bat Flips & Nerds Eliminator

The well-known British institution that is Bat Flips & Nerds markets itself with the tagline of “Baseball with a British Twist”, and as such, this league had a twist.


In 2021, the format was a 16-team draft & hold (40-man roster). The “twist” was that, unlike most deep draft & hold leagues with slow drafts, this league had a live draft with a 30-second clock. You needed your wits about you.

To be honest, the league proved a bit boring, so for 2022, I decided to pimp it up.

New 2022 format: 24-team draft & hold with the same 30-second clock but smaller 25-man rosters. The new “twist” is that it is points not roto with the lowest team each period getting eliminated.

Another new “twist” is that the eliminated teams’ players are returned to the pool, and then the top free agents are randomly allocated (one per team) to the remaining teams. You might get a catcher, you might get a closer… you might get Mike Trout.

I will write a report about the season shortly.

New 2023 format: The concept is good, and it maintained interest for a large number of teams throughout the season. This year we need to reduce the randomness, and also lessen the workload for the league manager (me!).