Scott White Dynasty League: 2023 conundrums

It’s three or four weeks before the 2023 auction, so we need to start looking at our keepers. After a few months without looking at the roster, it wasn’t in as bad shape as I expected. [STOP PRESS: It seems that the trickiest problem is for Scott to find a date suitable for all 24Continue reading “Scott White Dynasty League: 2023 conundrums”

Scott White Dynasty League: The 2022 Season

Some of the teams in the league are so strong, that you almost feel like giving up even before the auction. Inaugural member, Brent S Gambill, has assembled a roster that is nothing less than spectacular. When you consider that his team is called the Acuna-Tatis-Vlad All-Stars and his best player last season was AaronContinue reading “Scott White Dynasty League: The 2022 Season”

Scott White Dynasty League: 2022 pre-auction dilemmas

With rebuilding teams getting more competitive, our window of opportunity is closing. A poor start to the 2022 season could see a widescale clearout, but that is something that I have managed to avoid. Although the idea of dumping expensive veterans and grabbing the young, cheap stud prospects is appealing, most of the teams inContinue reading “Scott White Dynasty League: 2022 pre-auction dilemmas”

Scott White Dynasty League: David is Stuck in the Middle with Baddoo

I was honored in 2018 when Scott White invited me to the “Scott White Dynasty League,” a 24 team dynasty points league with quite a few industry experts. It was my first real dynasty league and I inherited a pretty awful team, but I had a strategy and that’s all that matters, right? RIGHT?! Well…notContinue reading “Scott White Dynasty League: David is Stuck in the Middle with Baddoo”

Scott White Dynasty League: The beginning

The Scott White Dynasty League takes fantasy baseball to a different level. Scott White, Senior Fantasy Writer at CBS, set up this 24-team dynasty in 2013, and without a doubt, it has transformed my enjoyment of the pastime. The league features some of the most respected names in fantasy baseball analysis, including Nando di Fino,Continue reading “Scott White Dynasty League: The beginning”