Fantasy Baseball Leagues

Deep League Roto Tip: Aim for quality over quantity.

There is a habit among many fantasy baseball players to participate in far too many leagues. But is it really a skill if you have all of the bases covered?

Scenario 1: Picture the lone fisherman sitting on the dock. His feeling of success is far greater when landing a fish than say a trawlerman with a huge net trailing behind his boat.

Scenario 2: You have the first pick of the draft in a 15-team league. Realistically, you have the choice of the top 12 players according to ADP.

  1. Fernando Tatis Jr.
  2. Trea Turner
  3. Juan Soto
  4. Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
  5. Jose Ramirez
  6. Bo Bichette
  7. Gerrit Cole
  8. Bryce Harper
  9. Shohei Ohtani
  10. Corbin Burnes
  11. Ronald Acuña Jr.
  12. Mike Trout

Every player has advantages and disadvantages.

If Fernando Tatis Jr. re-aggravates the injury in his shoulder in the second week of April, taking him with the first overall pick will have been a mistake.

Over the last three seasons combined, no one comes close to Mike Trout’s 175 wRC+ (Juan Soto is second with 159 wRC+), yet you won’t take him with the number one pick. But you will feel remorseful if he finishes the season as the clear number one.

No one knows if Ronald Acuña Jr.’s repaired ACL will prevent him from recapturing the form that saw him nearly go 40/40 in 2019.

Trea Turner, the top choice according to the expert consensus ranking on Fantasypros, has .561 OPS in his 39 postseason games. Is that really the calibre of the number one pick?

I’ll reiterate, every player has advantages and disadvantages. So, when it comes to making that first-round pick, you need to be invested.

In TGFBI 2021, we opted for Juan Soto. He missed half of April with a shoulder injury. That’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Had we been in 5, 10, 15, even 20 similar leagues, we would also have had first-round shares in Tatis Jr., Turner, Ramirez, Cole, Trout, Acuna Jr. etc. So our investment in Soto would be far less. As we didn’t have multiple drafts, that decision to take Soto was planned, evaluated, and we had to deal with the consequences.

Deep League Roto Tip: Play in a maximum of one league per format


SWDL “Scott White Dynasty League”

TGFBI “The Great Fantasy Baseball Invitational”

UK Invitational

Bat Flips & Nerds Invitational

Oxford Wildcats

Jose Fernandez Memorial League

Six leagues might look like we have immediately contradicted our rules, but each format is very different, and four of the leagues are done with a partner.

Deep League Roto Tip: Try running a team with a partner

Featured image photo by G Fiume