I read a Fangraphs article about a 15-team, 30-player mock draft put together by legendary fantasy baseball expert Tim Mcleod. Coincidentally, we were privileged that Tim joined us live by Zoom from Canada for one of our 2022 pre-TGFBI mock drafts. Anyway, in the Fangraphs piece, the format had a huge twist in that youContinue reading “MLB MEGA DRAFT 2022”

Webb-Albers Championship 2022

Holy Moly what a strange league. In recognition of Matt Albers and Ryan Webb’s record-breaking streaks of games finished without a save, this is a 16-team “Draft and Hold” format with a unique points-scoring system. Games finished 10 points Saves -20 points Complete games -20 points You draft five pitchers at the start of theContinue reading “Webb-Albers Championship 2022”

Bat Flips & Nerds Eliminator

The well-known British institution that is Bat Flips & Nerds markets itself with the tagline of “Baseball with a British Twist”, and as such, this league had a twist. FORMAT In 2021, the format was a 16-team draft & hold (40-man roster). The “twist” was that, unlike most deep draft & hold leagues with slowContinue reading “Bat Flips & Nerds Eliminator”